New Winter Menu at the Aloha Hill Club Bar

New Winter Menu at the Aloha Hill Club Bar: when we say “winter”, it is term used most loosely!

We do not really have a winter, as such, as our days are still so beautiful and sunny, and truly warm in the middle of the day. But the new season does bring other fresh vegetables and products, and another way of cooking that is more comforting and “feel good”.

In our usual healthy, home cooking style, some of our famous salads have been replaced by warm soups, featuring our Spicy Thai Soup with Shrimp or our meal in one Japanese Ramen Soup with Chicken… light and delicious! But fear not! Our great grilled specialties in fresh fish, entrecote and famous Aloha Hill Club Burger are still delighting our guests, but you will need to leave some space for our home baked cakes and pies. Back again also are our specialty hot chocolates, thick and creamy, to try with or without a dash of rum! We look forward to welcoming you to sample these delights soon on our sunny pool bar terrace!